Warsaw – Stodoła Club – march ‘87

The CONCORD exhibition was the recapitulation of our activity with the Zgoda (eng. Concord) band. All of the concert’s paintings, which survived, have been shown, plus the two from the rehearsals taking place at Piotr Nalepa’s house. All together – these works have covered the whole of the gallery walls – 100 meters length. As the Concord band was full of discord – mainly in organizational sense – we decided to build for the opening of the exhibition the armoured vehicle of the natural size and to greet the coming guests from it’s „bridge”. Of course further on, during this event, there was a lot of music on live – concert for two percussions by Jat Rolt and Gutek and the improvising guests: Ela Mielczarek, Jurek Czuraj, Andrzej Przybielski, Fifa, Jurek Truszkowski and others…

Photo. Tomek Jagodziński