Faustyn Chełmecki


faustynI was born on 19th of March in the year 1961. It was the Sunday’s dawn in the year of Gagarin- while I was landing on the planet Earth, he was taking his departure on the space conquest… I didn’t happen to study, I received artistic education in practice…
Above all I’m involved in painting. My first exhibition took place in December 1980, since then I have shown my works numerous times. I created stage sets, performances, I designed clothes, interiors, I performed together with bands as live stage set, on frequent occasions I painted „live” for large audiences.
The eighties where the years of an artistic community: Maciek Wilski, Praffdata, Zgoda, Jerzy Czuraj, Ela Mielczarek and many, many others.
In the nineties I moved to the countryside near Olsztyn, where I began realizing my socio-artistic project „The Independent Temple of Art”.
In Olsztyn I joined and co-created the From Pub enterprise.
In the year 1996 I won the Field Hammer Throw to the TV World’s Championships.
At the same time I put some effort into restoring the right dignity of bottle cap race competitions – by popularizing this game, building the tracks and coorganising the contests. I also earned a few individual and team titles. At the same time, I was still painting, performing, co-operating…
Finally we tried to join the From Pub and Praffdata enterprises to create an artistic-alternative form of business, which played some part in my decision to move back to Warsaw.  I greeted the New Millenium in the capitol city. Here, together with the splendid paintress Eva Chełmecka, we created the basic social unit; after a while Filip joined us. At that time I was focused on earning our livelihood and preoccupied with my individual creation.
In 2010 Robert Brylewski invited me, together with Maciek Wilski, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Kryzys band. After this successful performance, we decided to come back to our painting cooperation, we painted a few new, large canvases and we filed some historical materials that make this website…

Maciej Wilski


I was born on 01.04.1956 in Warsaw.
From 1979 to 1984 I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1984 I got my M.A. with a distinction. The first exhibition I took part in was also the first informal exhibition of the GRUPPA in 1983 at BWA in Lublin. In 1984 I had my individual exhibition at DZIEKANKA gallery. At that time I felt a strong need to combine the expressive means of music, movement and painting. The result was the first painting performance to which I invited the artists taking part in the Kraśnik plein-air workshop in 1984. Next was the event in STODOŁA gallery, which is shown on our site. In the late 80’s I decided to move away from artistic activities. I was absent from that sphere of life for over 20 years. In 2010 Faustyn persuaded me to celebrate together the 25th anniversary of KRYZYS by painting during their concert. At that time we decided to go on painting together.