Łódź – CULRURAL HOUSE Bałuty – february ‘87

That’s how Paweł Konjo Konnak
described the event in the book

Artists, Madmen, Anarchists:

The scale of the Praffdata’s action may be certified by an order they made at the Ariergarde Headquarters: 2 percussion sets, 4 vocals, 2 guitar amps /+1/, 1 bass amplifier, 2 symphonic kettle-drums plus harp, 40 pieces of Bristol or cardboard, 30 cartons – for example TV boxes, as big as possible, 40 tubes of poster colors: red,black, blue, yellow, 2 liters of white emulsion, 1 kilometer or a spool of a sisal twine, 10 kg of waste newspaper paper, VCR…
We had to arrange this in PRL, where gaining the toilet paper and a bar of gray soap bordered on the miraculous. But of course Mr. Sajnóg and Mr. Konnak managed to organize this wonderful technological park. And we have witnessed two shiverogenic actions under the title: „Why there is so much sun in Africa and here not?”
Several musicians from the big city were twisting on the scene. Faustyn Chełmecki has prepared a futuristic costumes. Together with a demiurgic Master of Fine Arts Maciek Wilski they were creating a three- dimensional pictures, arranged in increasingly expressionist layers.
The next day they created a wonderful acid Press Office. Zbigniew said: Every time we looked at their work, I think that this style of activity was probably the greatest value of Praffdatata. Anyway, apart from the artistic aspect, which at the moment seemed minor thing, I always liked the fact that in Praffdata acted people with not only external purposes in front of them…
The way of solving problems in the group, which I was only peeping from outside, impressed me very much…
And Konjo added: what more, I get the impression that all Praffdata participants were interested in creating this strange and specific atmospher of working together – there was no need to encourage or compel them to act. It was very spontaneus and hygiene. /”Hygiene” magazine/